John Frusciante - Before The Beginning

I went in many directions in my head, trying to pick a way to express what I want to say here. An overwhelming amount thoughts, and stories that are trying to find their way out of my head. I wonder why wouldn’t they just stay in instead of trying to escape?! I think in a way its how humans are designed! We like to connect, share and interact with each others. That urge to do so may vary in terms of intensity from person to another, however it does exist in everyone to some extent. When you look around, you find out that everyone is consumed by connecting to others, Virtually though! something very similar to what I am doing right now :) in which I have struggled to do! I have been always unable to really connect through these virtual mediums. I have had some trials with those known social media platforms, where I ended up deactivating all of them. I will not go about what I think about them now though. You can say that I have always seen myself moving in a different direction where no one is going! neither I do that intentionally nor I think about it, because I think nowadays there is no undiscovered trails anymore. Instead I try to focus on what I truly desire, because what makes our life journey unique is the combination of our pathway that we choose reagadless of it being stepped on or not. Maybe that would explain the reason why when I have decided to finally indulge in this virtual world, I have chosen such medium and actually built. What I want to share here is more like my intimate thoughts, a place to really know myself. Think about it as my diary. I have always thought of myself being like an open book anyway :D

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