April Rain - Exploring Yourself With A Knife

As much as I am afraid to let myself wonder in that deep side of me, as much as shes captivating in everything she is. Im only afraid because this is all what I posses, and I am willing to put everything and take that journey where two becoms one. I figured that I can’t be just letting those emotions flowing like a river, because what I am doing is actually gambling and the price is my heart! I built a dam! and its doing good. However my heart became so weak that I can feel it trembling!

There she is, just behaving naturally in every lovable way to my heart. I got intrigued by her mind! and what she tells me, let alone how well she can communicate with my brain. She is sitting flawlessly next to me. I really lost myself when at point she tried to tie her hair up, the way she looked from her side with that hair up, that crysral look she gave made me loose my senses for a while. Just like when I tried to massage her stiffed kneck and sholder. The moment I touched her I could feel tremendous amount of energy! It was very comforting, I was not able to tell who was massaging who. She is like a medicine to my soul.

I am shocked, I don’t know how she suddenly appeared in my life, when I most needed her and at time where I was on the verge of abandoning that shared life journy path completely. What I felt in her seems to be a volcano of love and emotions, I am taken aback by what I felt. I came closer where my face ended up just next to her head, and my chin is just above her sholder, that alone sent tingling spikes through me. And that is when I hugged her and I just could’t let go. I think my brain went into overdrive, where everything started to float in my head. It felt like my brain was not able to communicate with my hands. I got hypnotized by her sweet smell!

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