In all the stillness that surrounds me, where I am standing right now. There was that sensual whisper, but unlike any whisper it was rather a distant calling to my lost heart. A soul bond that is not something you hear by the ear or feel by the touch. A call to venture in that long waited trip to wherever our souls would want us to go. As they will intertwine guiding us the way, not by where I want to go or where you want to go, but rather where we would grow together and decide to go.

Its an adventure, a shared one! it thrives on the combined intellectual knowledge flowing from these two souls. Two people becoming one never meant to decimate each others minds, goals and passion. In fact understanding and trusting each others is what makes an enjoyable journey. When you want to share because you know that there is no other being would know you better. In fact you will start revealing yourself in uncontrollable way, the more your souls are weaved the more it will be fun, you would understand each other from the look, its euphoric! Its keeping each others, by flowing next to each others, you can fly like a bird and I can run like a horse doing what we want keeping each others the freedom to be who we like flourishing each others life’s.

I was standing at an intersection, where next to me was a bridge over a cold river, that you can feel it from the stillnes of it’s water. There were few distant callings however one of them stood out. It was that same calling in my dreams when I touched what I thought to be a volcano of love! I was shocked and I thought to myself that was just in your dreams. Just as I turned around, I saw it! that crystal piercing look, and indeed it was at the peak of a volcanic mountain! The mountain I have been forever looking for. I couldn’t help it but to answer that call, there was an immense sense of belonging in it! Is it really the journey that I have been packing for it all this time? I looked deep in that distant eye at the peak, wondering is it really you? my heart trembled in a way made me feel like a child! I know this is what I have been longing for. Since my bags are packed and ready, I locked my eye on that peak and started my march!

There is no trail or path to follow, even if there is I don’t think I would have followed it. I’m finding my steps, I want to run my way up. But I realized this can’t happen, because that volcano is active, I was furious and burning from the inside, and just as I was trying to checkout that lava yes indeed just like what my hands felt, its lava was like a loving healing balm. It was so healing that it made forget about everything and put the fire in my heart to hault. But it was just a little, there were nightmares haunting the scene. However as I stood and looked around, it was something that interest me more as I know what is it means when you don’t have dreams and you just have nightmares. That lava is fading out, I knew what to do without thinking I am letting my heart to guide me as I saw how much that lava glowed when it touched my heart, hoping that true love will let our eyes glow on that mountain spreading love and peace.

P.S This photo I took myself, and there is no editing done on it at all. I was walking in Amsterdam by myself, it was really a cold night, and no people were around. I took my thin jacket off, I wrapped it around a lamp post and tied it in a way that its hoddie works as my phone holder, I set a timer on the camera and swiftly took few steps away to pose for the picture, and thats the photo I ended up with :D

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